You Don’t Say?

I’m posting this because maybe it will generate some more discussion, and maybe some of that discussion will either be able to affirm or disprove the research referenced.  The initial article above is only marginally useful as a summary.  I’m not sure about the site that is posting it or the general reputability of the data.  More interesting to me is the link to this information.  It is far more detailed and specific than the initial article.  It appears to be based off this German site (which has horrible translations available through Google).  Again, I can’t verify the nature of the data, but it’s fascinating.  Oh wait, I just figured out that if you ask it to display in English, it takes you to the page.  Gotcha.

Again, I don’t consider myself anti-vaccination.  There are some very real illnesses and diseases out there that vaccines are apparently quite helpful in reducing the risk of.  However, I maintain that we don’t know nearly enough about what we’re putting into our bodies and the long term effects of these things, particularly with the proliferation of vaccines in the past decades and plans for new ones.  I sincerely hope that good research as well as accountability practices will continue to improve the safety of vaccines so that they not only protect us from particularly diseases, but also protect us against side effects.

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