Book Review: Christianity for the Tough-Minded

Another book out of the way for my seminar this summer.

Christianity for the Tough-Minded, edited by John Warwick Montgomery

This book is a collection of essays written by various students in the 1960’s.  It appears to have been first published in 1973 and then re-issued in 2001.  All of the essays defend the Biblical Christian faith in a variety of fields: Philosophy and the Scientific Method, Ethics & Society, Religion & Truth, Psychology and Religious Experience, Literature and the World-View, and Christianity and Personal Commitment.  The book is edited by J.W. Montgomery, the founder of the academy I’ll be attending.

The essays are fine, and the arguments they present are good.  The primary problem is that the essays are 50 years old.  The bibliographical citations date back to the early 20th century.  That isn’t to say that the data isn’t true, only that, to a 21st century reader, the material will present as quite antiquated.  It would have strengthened the book immeasurably if the essays – or at least some of them – had been culled from much more recent student work, addressing more current issues.

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