Wet Bar Wednesday – Saint Barb’s Blast

Here’s a tip – if a drink includes things that you know you don’t like, don’t presume that just because they’re combined with other ingredients that you do like the result will be a drink you enjoy.  Trust your instincts.

Case in point.  We found ourselves in possession of one of the trendy culinary magazines for our area, showcasing all of the schwanky places to eat and drink.  Included was a recipe for the drink in the title.  I don’t care for champagne or most sparkling wines, but I thought, what the heck, maybe it will be really good because I like the other stuff in it.

See my advice above and decide accordingly

  1. 2 oz bourbon (rye if you like that)
  2. 1/2 oz Cointreau or Grand Marnier
  3. 10 dashes of Peychaud’s bitters
  4. 10 dashes of Angostura bitters
  5. Orange peel
  6. Sparkling wine/champagne to top off

Mix the first four ingredients with ice and shake well.  Strain into two champagne flutes (or whatever glass you’re using.  Let’s be real.).  If you like the added touch of class (which probably means you have champagne flutes), carve off a bit of orange rind for each glass.  Place the rind in each glass and then top with the champagne/sparkling wine.  You don’t really need to stir it but you can if you like.  Enjoy – if you like sparkling wine/champagne/bourbon/bitters/orange liquor.  Otherwise, avoid.  I think the creator went overboard on the bitters for no good reason.  But I might be a bit on the bitter side myself.

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