Sailing Away

I was fascinated by this little story about a woman who has elected to sell her home and live on a cruise ship full time.  It sounds like it would be fun – at least for a while.

I wonder why she’s paying so much.  Part of the attraction of cruises is that they can be very cost effective as vacations, averaging $100/day for lodging, food, and entertainment costs.  By those figures, she should be paying around $40,000 a year to live on the ship.  Yet she’s paying four times that!  I presume she’s staying in a nice cabin, not one of the cut-rate, best deal rooms below deck with no window.  But even still – seems awfully pricey!

It struck me how lonely it must be, eventually, unless you’re an extremely outgoing and social person.  Crews on the ships change.  There is a new batch of passengers constantly.  While it might be fun for a year, it seems like the novelty would quickly wear off, particularly once you were no longer able or interested in going ashore to explore.

Would you do something like this?

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