Words of Comfort

I know more than a few folks in my congregation and beyond who struggle.  They agonize over the fact that their children – who they raised in the church – don’t go to church anymore.  They themselves go, they don’t take their kids, and they don’t baptize their kids.

This is a beautiful little essay that offers encouragement and hope for people who worry about others in their lives who have left the church.  I like how it emphasizes the power and commitment of God, and how it stops short of the error of saying that the act of baptism in and of itself is enough for salvation.  I’d like to be able to make that promise but Scripture doesn’t let me.  But Scripture most certainly does assure me that God is relentless in pursuing his creatures, and I imagine that this is additionally true for those who were at one time members of the body of Christ but now are not actively so.

Never give up hope.  Always remember that regardless of what another person says or does only God knows their heart, and therefore we can always pray in hopes that the Holy Spirit’s work in that person’s life will result in a profession of faith that we can hear and rejoice in.

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