Meanwhile, in Houston

Back in October there was a big news splash about how the mayor of Houston had demanded to review the sermons of local pastors opposed to controversial legislation allowing self-identified transgendered individuals to use whichever sex bathroom or changing station they prefer.  I blogged about it here and here.

They major eventually dropped her demands, but the issue remains that signatures certified by the city secretary – the person and position charged with ensuring that signatures on ballot referendums, etc. are legitimate – were later tossed out unilaterally by the city attorney, effectively derailing the effort to put the controversial legislation to a public vote.  The mayor is now attempting to ensure that the attorney’s actions are not reviewed in a jury trial for their irregularity.  The voters who never asked for this legislation and then were denied their constitutionally protected right to ask for it to go to a vote are now being denied the right to weigh in as a jury of citizens.  Amazing.

It’s funny how many people want to react to the death of an obscure cartoonist on the other side of the planet, but are unwilling to call out illicit means of short-circuiting the democratic process right here on our own soil.


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