Wet Bar Wednesday – Pushing Boundaries

No time for drinking anything new and exciting this week.  However, here are a couple of contrasting examples of what I consider useful and not-so-useful boundary pushing in the realm of drinks.

First off, this Tequila-spiked Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe, sent to me by my folks.  It sounds delicious, and it riffs on a tradition of accentuating hot chocolate with delicious liquors.  Early on I was a big favorite of peppermint schnapps as an additive, though too many encounters with Rumplemintz put me off that particular flavor.  Butterscotch schnapps is another tasty option, though more difficult to find.  For this tequila option, the agave serves to help temper the strong flavor of the tequila (in case the sweet cocoa wasn’t enough).  Choose a good tequila, but don’t worry about the particular brand name.

In the not-so-useful category, consider this crop of vegetable-inspired drinks from an English pub.  These recipes often require you to infuse alcohol ahead of time – not a problem if you’re planning a special themed meal or event, but not exactly conducive to spontaneous creativity unless you have a ton of space to store a wide variety of infused liquors!  These also involve a wide variety of difficult-to-come by accessories.  While I don’t have a problem with vegetable-based drinks (I’m a big fan of Bloody Marys, which can be modified to include a broad range of vegetable ingredients), again, unless you have a private garden following these recipes will be difficult.

Would you consider drinking vegetables?  What have you tried?  What worked, what didn’t work?

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