Christmas Myths

About this time of year you’re likely to hear the familiar refrain that Christmas is really just the Christians appropriating an earlier pagan holiday.  Or that much of the Biblical teaching about Jesus of Nazareth is actually preceded by similar attributions to pagan gods.  Christians just copied older religions, in other words.

If you want to have a little fun debunking this, you can watch this video.

If you’d like a more careful examination of actual historical documentation regarding the most common pagan holidays that Christmas is said to have appropriated, you can check out this article, and this one, and finally this one.

And in regards to how Christians determined December 25 to be the date of Jesus’ birth, this is a great article that links it not to existing pagan holidays or astronomical events, but rather to the date associated with the Anunciation – when Mary is told that she will be the mother of the Messiah.

Merry Christmas (or, for now, a blessed Advent!) to you all!


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