Worth Reading

On a regular basis the media seems obsessed with raving over the latest ‘discovery’ that throws doubt on the historicity of Jesus or alleges things that directly contradict the Biblical witness.  Almost without exception, these discoveries are nothing new, and invariably date from hundreds of years after the life of Jesus and are written by groups well known by the historical church for their contradictory teachings.

So it’s really nice to read an article (which will never be published in the mainstream media, I can guarantee) about a text from a well-established historical writer that purports to recount an encounter with Jesus.  That’s just what this article is about.  For more information on the author, you can view this summary.

This is a rather extraordinary find, to say the least.  It provides yet another extra-Biblical source that not only affirms the historicity of Jesus, but actually describes one of the miracles Jesus was known for (though not one from the Gospels, John makes it clear in John 20:30-31 that the Gospels are not intended to be received as a comprehensive detailing of all Jesus’ works & teachings).

2 Responses to “Worth Reading”

  1. william b Says:

    That is a great article! And you are right we wont be seeing that in any mainline media. It also reminds me of the numerous books that have come out, usually around Christmas or Easter proving the ‘missing link’ (no for reals this time!). They come out with much fanfare only to turn out ‘eh not so much’ six months later. Of course there is no book about that.

  2. Fake News | Living Apologetics Says:

    […] couple of years ago I posted a link to an article about a supposed discovery of a first-century eyewitness to one of Jesus’ […]

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