Wet Bar Wednesday – Gin & Tonic

I’m not a big fan of gin, or at least I didn’t used to be.  It’s too astringent tasting to me, the juniper-berry flavor a bit too bitter for my tastes.  At least traditionally.  It’s possible that I simply encountered bad gin early in life.  Lord knows there’s plenty of that out there, as with any liquor.  One gin that I do appreciate somewhat is Hendricks Gin.  Even if you don’t like regular gin, this is worth a taste.  Milder somehow.

But the other night I was making drinks before dinner and our current foreign-exchange student, Simona, said she would like something with gin in it.  I opted for simplicity with a gin and tonic.

  • 1 part gin (I prefer Hendricks, but also recommend Bombay Sapphire)
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • sweetener – sugar or agave syrup or honey or what-have-you
  • ice
  • tonic water to top

Squeeze the lemon juice in, then add the sweetener and gin and stir.  Add ice and then top with tonic water.  Stir.  Taste to make sure that it is at the right sour/sweet level for your tastes.  Remember the ratio for future mixing!

Tonic water used to be used medicinally against malaria, as it has quinine dissolved in it.  Modern tonics have much less quinine in them, but retain a somewhat bitter taste (as opposed to club soda, which is basically just carbonated water).

The wife and I enjoyed this the other night, hopefully you will too!

2 Responses to “Wet Bar Wednesday – Gin & Tonic”

  1. william b Says:

    Ever try Hendricks on the rocks with a slice of cucumber? Is nice!!

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