Wet Bar Wednesday – Surgical Steel

Sometimes, subtlety is not really what you’re thinking of.  Sometimes, and these times hopefully get fewer and farther between as we get older, you just want a potent drink.  Something that doesn’t require a shaker or a spoon or measuring.  Something that doesn’t simply take your breath away, it takes your breath away on an extended tour of the neighborhood before bringing it back to you.

For these moments, which you should choose very judiciously, I give you Surgical Steel.  Thank you to a nameless bartender from decades ago at my favorite college hangout, Minderbinder’s.

  • 1 part Rumplemintz
  • 1 part vodka

Pour both into a small glass and consume.  The Rumplemintz should be stored in your freezer so it is ice cold.  I’d suggest a decent quality vodka, but quite frankly, you aren’t going to be tasting anything other than the minty Rumplemintz.  Possibly for days.  You can ruminate on the appropriateness of the name of this drink after you consume it.  Preferably sitting down.  Possibly for days.

Rumplemintz is a German-style liquor, basically a really really really really strong peppermint schnapps.  Schnapps is a generic German term for any strong liquor.  It applies aptly in this case, as Rumplemintz is 100 proof (50% alcohol content).  Enjoy (carefully)!


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