Pee at last, pee at last…

How can you resist a headline like that when it offers itself?  Answer?  You can’t.  Mea culpa.

It might seem common sense that when we feel helpless, we tend to view our role in life as more helpless overall.  When we aren’t in control of a given situation, we’re more inclined to philosophize on the overall lack of control in our lives.  Never let it be said that common sense should stand in the way of a research project though, particularly one that is likely funded with tax dollars in one way or another.  Social scientists have now quantified what common sense tells most people.  Even with something as mundane as having to pee, if you need to pee and can’t, you’re more likely philosophically to think that you have less free will and control over your life in general.

I’ll sleep better now, assuredly.  Unless I have to pee.


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