Wet Bar Wednesday – Old Fashioned

This past week was my first official gig as a bartender.  No, I didn’t get paid.  Yes, I was asked to bartend for a bunch of pastors.  I got tipped $20 by some guy at the end of the night.  It’s legit, dammit.

The hosts and I decided that it would be wise to have a limited alcohol selection, and so most of the drinks available were whiskey or rye (a form of whiskey) based.  One of the most popular drinks of the evening was the Old Fashioned.  This is considerably different from the Tequila Old Fashioned I blogged about back in May for Cinco de Mayo.  Thankfully.

Whiskey Old Fashioned

  • 1 orange slice
  • 1 sugar cube
  • Three dashes bitters
  • 1 part whiskey (or rye whiskey)
  • cherries & orange rind to garnish

In a collins glass, or whatever glass you happen to have on hand, lay a slice of orange on the bottom of the glass.  Put a sugar cube on top of the orange slice, and shake a few dashes of bitters over both.  Using a muddler, spoon, or other blunt object, carefully pound & mash these three ingredients together until the sugar is mostly dissolved and the orange slice is good and pulpy (releasing it’s juices).  Now pour in the whiskey and stir, keeping the orange slice at the bottom of the glass.  Add ice.  Top with a cherry and a piece of orange rind for garnish.  I highly recommend Trader Joe’s Dark Morello Cherries rather than the more ubiquitous maraschino cherries.  The sour flavor of the Morello cherries pairs very well with the sweetness of the whiskey.



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