On the heels of an earlier post about those working diligently against the vocal minority that have hijacked our culture and in the name of tolerance demanded that their values displace all others, comes this little ditty from Texas.  The mayor of Houston has subpoenaed a group of Houston pastors, demanding that they submit sermons and communications related to Houston’s mayor, Annise Parker.  Opponents of the legal action believe the governor’s office seeks to, at the very least, shame local pastors who may have spoken out against her, homosexuality, or recent legislation that permits members of one gender to utilize the restroom facilities of the other gender based on their personal preferences.

I’m curious under what legal precedent such a subpoena can be made.  Of course, once the mayor’s office has these documents, it would be an understandable and unfortunate situation for them to be leaked to sympathetic individuals and organizations for a shaming campaign.  It’s hard to believe the audacity of this move, and I hope and pray that it is quickly and pre-emptively struck down as the blatantly political ploy it appears to be.

Things are getting interesting quickly, folks.  Pay attention.

2 Responses to “Parry…”

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