Meanwhile, in Nebraska…

This is disappointing, but hardly surprising.  Instead of teaching boys  and girls about gender, we tell them to pick and choose.  Instead of offering helpful guidance, we abandon them in a morass of arbitrariness.

Once again, instead of recognizing that gender-confusion is an issue for a tiny, tiny minority of all people in our country and providing appropriate assistance for those people, we instead subject everyone to confusion and perplexity.  The rationale behind this is ridiculous, and unnecessarily onerous for teachers as well.  How does this gel with what the kids are being taught at home?  How much fun will it be to explain to your kids why someone might think that they are neither a boy nor a girl, despite very clear biological indicators?  How do you explain the concept of not having a gender to your child?

Talk with your children about what they’re learning at school.  Ask how their teachers refer to them.  Pay attention to the classroom decor and signage during parent-teacher conferences or when you’re helping out in the classroom.  I suspect this sort of thing is becoming far more prevalent than we may realize.


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