Meanwhile, in the Netherlands…

Euthanasia is growing more and more popular in the Netherlands, and some doctors there are willing to state that it is out of control and only going to grow more problematic.  Official statistics are hard to come by as reporting criteria appears to be somewhat arbitrary.

Particularly disturbing were the incidents listed at the end of the article, including the woman euthanized for not wishing to go to a care home.  The article is frustratingly sparse on details, and frankly I associate this site more with celebrity gossip and tidbits.  Were family members complicit in euthanizing this woman?  Were family members involved in the killing of dementia patients as well?  But even without better factual data, it isn’t surprising at the trend.  When we begin to legitimize killing certain people for convenience sake, it will only get easier and easier to justify expanding additional categories for euthanasia.

2 Responses to “Meanwhile, in the Netherlands…”

  1. Diane Says:

    S.B News Press today has a 29 yr. old woman with terminal brain cancer choosing her date to die, Nov. 1. She and family have moved to Oregon that has” Death with Dignity Act.” She states she wants to live, but with no hope, she claims being able to choose to go with dignity is less terrifying.This story is on NBC news as I write this. I heard no mention of God, or eternity, just seize the days she has left on this beautiful earth.

    • mrpaulnelson Says:

      I caught a whiff of that story in passing. Amazing how beautiful they can paint the choice to die. Amazing how we can dress up our old – and defeated! – enemy as some sort of victory. And what a profound reminder to share the hope that we have in Christ with others!

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