Wet Bar Wednesday – Baja ?!?!?!?!?

I’m not generally a beer drinker, but my interest in different drinks – particularly different drinks from different parts of the world – always overrides matters of preference.  So it was that this past Sunday we were enjoying an afternoon at a lovely couple’s home.  While our kids splashed in a pool nearby, it was duly noted that happy hour had arrived.  I deferred to our host’s suggestion, and he described – and then made – a drink whose name I remain uncertain of.

You take a Mexican beer – usually Corona or Pacifico, he said.  Rim the bottle with lime and then fill the last remaining space in the bottle with tequila.  Put your thumb over the top and invert it.  You can watch as the tequila swirls upwards through the bottle, mixing with the beer.  Then you tip it right side up again, take your thumb off the top, and start drinking it.

I’ve searched for this drink online, but the names are different.  He told me that it was Spanish for fog – which would make it a Baja Niebla.  But that doesn’t sound like what he called it.  Regardless of the name, it wasn’t a bad experience.  It’s still beer, so it won’t be on the top of my list of go-to drinks, but it was a great way to sit around a table and spend a gorgeous afternoon!  All of which is to say that one of the fun ways to discover new drinks is to ask your bartender or the server what their favorite is.  Then Enjoy!


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