The Eighth Commandment

Everyone loves a juicy topic of conversation.  Something that more than just whets the appetite, but really gets the juices flowing.  A steady stream of righteous indignation is always good, and more than a dribble of scandal.  But as I’ve written before, the Eighth Commandment requires us to put a stop to this to the best of our ability.  Temptations will come, but it is how we handle that temptation that determines whether sin gets a foot in the door or not.

Because we’re all human and therefore all sinful, we sometimes fail to observe this, and pastors are no exception.  But it’s still disappointing – especially when it’s done in a highly public way, and without any official material upon which to base conversation.  I’ve been disappointed that a colleague has seen fit to begin sharing on Facebook material from a private meeting that they weren’t even a part of.  Relying on conversations and second-hand notes, he’s getting people riled up. People like getting stirred up.  We hardly need more excuses for this.

If and when this material is available for public comment, I’ll throw in my two cents worth, so you know what I was annoyed about here :-)

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