Persecution & Rebellion

This is a very good read.  Chad Bird has been popping up more and more in Facebook friends’ feeds, and for good reason.  He inspires a good deal of faithful thought and reflection.

The only thought I would add is that while this is valuable for the Christian, including those actively experiencing persecution, it is also a bit of an esoteric insight.  Those involved in persecution most likely will not view their actions in this light.  It may provide the suffering Christian an interesting tack or opportunity to evangelize their tormentors, but it will not stop their tormentors.  It will not make their suffering any less real and terrible.  It does not obligate other Christians any less to stand with their suffering brothers in prayer but also in giving to alleviate that suffering and utilizing all available legal means to end it.

It is one of those big picture insights that provide us with a certain level of clarity, but it is a level of clarity difficult to maintain in the midst of suffering.

Lord have mercy.  Christ have mercy.

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