Wet Bar Wednesday – Tweaking

Not twerking.  Thankfully.

Sometimes you try a drink that turns out to be monumentally awful.  I mean, there are drinks that you create and you go, I wouldn’t make this intentionally again, but I can make the best of it.  And there are drinks that you know you’d really be happier pouring down the drain than having another.  But before you pour it down the drain, now’s the time to get a little creative.  You aren’t at risk of losing anything really, because you’re prepared to toss it out completely.  What can you do to salvage it?

This is the time where having mixers on hand is really handy.  Mixers are non-alcoholic ingredients that are used in drinks.  They might include juices (orange, cranberry, lemon/lime, etc.), sodas, or what I call diluters (club soda, tonic water, etc.).  Each contribute their own taste which can alter the flavor of your drink for the better or worse.  Like cooking, knowing how to use mixers to rescue a drink is a matter of practice and experience.

Depending on your personality type, you might approach the salvage process differently.  Not being terribly organized, I usually just start adding stuff and seeing what happens.  Sometimes this still results in the drink being thrown out, but not always.  A more organized person might quickly divide the existing, bad drink into several separate glasses, and then experiment adding a different mixer to each glass to determine what the best rescue option is.  In the process, you might invent a new drink.  Congratulations!

For instance, this week I made a new drink that was just awful.  Way too sweet and syrupy.  First I tried cutting it with some club soda that I already had opened from drinks earlier in the week.  That didn’t do too much to help.  Then as I was making my wife a Harvey Wallbanger, I realized I could try adding orange juice.  This was *much* more helpful, and I was able to finish the drink.

The drink was so bad I don’t even remember the ingredients, other than campari.

So, just because a drink doesn’t suit your fancy doesn’t mean you can’t salvage it with a bit of creativity.  Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Wet Bar Wednesday – Tweaking”

  1. sarahsjoys Says:

    We have a surplus of alcohol that the moving company won’t move because they won’t take any liquids. I think we need to have a party and supply hot chocolate, apple cider, lemonade, coffee, club soda, and set out all the various alcohols that could possibly be added to those bases. Tell people to bring their favorite appetizer and then let everyone have at it. A choose your own adventure drinks night if you will.

    • mrpaulnelson Says:

      Then gather what’s left over and get me an estimate on shipping it to me!

      And kudos on living in a place where you can start thinking about fun, chilly, autumnal drinks! I love where we live, but I miss having winter almost as badly as I missed it in the Arizona desert!

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