How important is consensus?  I guess it depends on what you’re talking about and who you ask.  

For instance, any perusal of popular news or media should be enough to convince yourself that only an idiot questions global warming.  More specifically, only an idiot questions that global warming is directly a result of human activity and that our modified behavior might reverse this global warming trend.  Failure to do so will be catastrophic.

I don’t have a problem acknowledging global warming.  Global warming is a phenomenon that has been demonstrated on our planet throughout history.  It is this fact that leads me to be less than convinced that the majority cause of this particular period of global warming must be human activity, and that modified human activity is the key to reversing this warming.  By pop culture standards, this makes me an idiot along the lines of someone refusing to believe that the earth orbits the sun.

What you are far less likely to come across in popular media and news reporting is the idea that global warming is real but not necessarily primarily linked to human behavior.  Yet it is possible that the scientific community has far less of a consensus on this matter than we mere, non-scientist humans should.  Depending on the research you like to refer to.  

This survey demonstrates that a large majority of scientists are at least skeptical of global warming assertions in relation to human activity.  They may vary in their level of skepticism, but they at the very least are wary of the popular mantra that global warming is humanity’s fault and humanity can and must fix it.  

Good to know that there are smart people who are probably being called idiots along with me.


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