Tuning In

A great little blog post talking about how it is possible for kids to absorb liturgy just as they absorb the latest cotton-candy-pop-song-or-movie-soundtrack.  

Repetition works.  It’s that simple.  Part of the purpose of the historic liturgy is that repetition, so that the words and phrases and songs become part of you over the course of a lifetime.  Kids may see a given movie multiple times, but worship is something they should be taught to do every week of their lives.  Imagine the power of repetition at work there!  

Certainly that repetition is just as applicable for contemporary Christian worship music as it is for 500-year old hymns.  The key is to focus on the best material and then keep utilizing it, so that the benefits of repetition can be recognized.  It’s a long-haul approach to a topic that is decidedly short-term in focus these days.  New and different can be great, but in the big picture, stability and familiarity can provide some much more powerful benefits.


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