Wet Bar Wednesday – Calculating

I enjoy a good drink.  I drink responsibly.  Many of us remember the old mantra about how many drinks per hour the average person’s body can process, and to be careful when piling drinks up on one another.

But since I prefer cocktails, it isn’t as simple as trying to keep it to a single beer or glass of wine in an hour (which frankly, isn’t nearly as simple as it sounds even for social drinking).  When putting together cocktails, the alcohol content can grow very quickly based on the variety of ingredients.  I’m known for having a rather heavy hand in making my drinks, and I caution people to take them slowly.  But really understanding how much alcohol is in a single drink?  That’s complicated.

Enter, the handy dandy Cocktail Content Calculator.  Here’s a chance to put some of your tax dollars to work.  There are a variety of pre-configured cocktails that show you how much alcohol is in a drink, but you can customize a drink as well.  The results can be a bit shocking (at least in my case!).

Enjoying a good drink depends on being responsible as you drink it.  If you’re the one making it, you need to be even more responsible to help ensure that your guest(s) are safe not only as they drink it but afterwards.  



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