Moving On

The old site is officially dead and gone.  A relief in many ways, but because I value history and tradition, it’s also a little sad.  The World’s Ugliest Blog has transitioned into at least a marginally more pleasing format here at WordPress.  But in a culture that only prizes beauty, you have to keep a little room in your heart for the ugly.  

But all things must have a limit, something our culture has no way of dealing with because we have unmoored ourselves from Judeo-Christian moral baselines that could not be shifted.  Now that we are drifting, we have no way of evaluating anything.  All things are relative and possible, and whoever has the most hot air to blow can dictate the course of our floating on a sea of vast possibilities.

Those who understand that without some sort of unchanging moral baseline all things are likely to eventually become acceptable and even promoted have faced a tough road publicity-wise over the last few decades.  Arguments that the removal of moral baselines will lead to increasingly unhealthy and dangerous behaviors being normalized and even championed have been written off as “slippery-slope fallacies” and fear-mongering.  

Slippery slopes are not always fallacious, though.  Case in point, this web site.  This is a group with what are likely multiple aims.  I found it through this article, but I can’t tell how legitimate this article is.  The nuances of the B4U-Act web site are interesting.  While the language is aimed at getting people who are “minor-attracted” to appropriate help, nowhere does it condemn the attraction or explicitly state that such treatment is necessary.  The alarming aspect is not so much the call to treat people humanely, but language which is not far from early language used to soften attitudes towards homosexuality.  

Because the site nowhere explicitly denounces pedophilia, I don’t trust the ultimate attitudes behind it.  It’s terrifying, but it’s hardly surprising.  It’s the next step down the slope, and momentum is gathering.  The old is rapidly vanishing.  Welcome to the new.


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