Staying Married

That’s what a lot more people are doing than previously expected.

At least according to one researcher.  Shaunti Feldhahn is a Harvard-trained researcher,  Christian (I think), and author.  Her latest research into the popularly cited statistics on marriage in America (half of all marriages end in divorce) is pretty eye-opening.

First, no such statistic exists.  She states that this figure was based on projections during the 1970’s, based on the growth of divorce in those years, of what the divorce rate would be today.  But in fact divorce rates have dropped and have, according to Feldhahn’s research, never approached the 50% mark.  She estimates that perhaps 25% of first time marriages end in divorce, and that the overall divorce rate in America for all marriages is probably around 31%.  

However if the couple is Christian, the rate is even lower.  Perhaps in the single digits, but likely not more than 20% across all marriages (first-time or otherwise).  She links this phenomenon to the issue of hope.  Christians should have hope, and this helps them to weather the ups and downs of the marital relationship better.

It will be interesting to see who – if anyone – steps forward to attempt to debunk her research.  Her credentials appear strong, and I’ll be curious to see what happens next in the media.

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