Wet Bar Wednesday – Simple Syrup

Whether you’re a chef or a bartender, having simple syrup on hand is nice.  They sell it now in the supermarkets (I saw some yesterday in the liquor aisle for $3.50 for probably 10 oz).  If you’re trying to build up your home bar stock, paying someone else to manufacture simple syrup for you (and undoubtedly adding in preservatives and other unnecessary ickiness along the way) is not a good idea.

Make your own.
I use equal parts filtered water and standard white sugar.  You can get fancy and make several simple syrups from various different sugars (cane, white, brown).  Figure out which one you like, or which one works the best for the drinks (or food) you typically enjoy.   Boil the water in a small pan and add the sugar, stirring constantly until dissolved, then remove from heat and allow to cool.  Store in an airtight bottle.  
The great thing about getting comfortable with making your own simple syrup is that now you can infuse this syrup with any number of flavors, also saving yourself money.  Instead of buying Rose’s Lime Juice or other sweet & sour concoctions, simply add fresh squeezed lime juice to your simple syrup.  How about a tea-flavored syrup?  Steep your tea bag in the boiling water for ten minutes before taking it out and stirring in the sugar.  

4 Responses to “Wet Bar Wednesday – Simple Syrup”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I’ve infused with cardamom, ginger, and mint before. Cardamom Moscow Mules are good and Mint Simple Syrup can be used for both Mojitos and for Mint Iced Coffee. I’ve never used lime juice or tea bags for it before. Will have to try! Is there a specific drink that uses the tea infused simple syrup?

  2. Lois Says:

    That’s pretty much how I make my chai latte mix (only less sugar)

  3. Paul Nelson Says:

    This recipe uses an oolong simple syrup, for starters.  It’s *really* good!

  4. Paul Nelson Says:

    Sounds tasty!

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