I’m frankly a bit befuddled about Google.  A massive Internet entity with incredible and ever-expanding reach, it should come off as an Orwellian nightmare yet regularly projects itself as the champion of personal Internet liberty.  Whatever that means.  

Here are just a few tidbits from this morning’s new perusals to keep us all mystified as to we ought to be terrified of Google or thankful for it.
In the terrified category are these two articles about Google’s most notorious foray into destruction of personal privacy – Google Glass.  Google glasses are glasses that allow the user to access the Internet which is projected on the inner lens of the glasses.  They are also equipped with a small camera, allowing the wearer to record anything – or anyone.  Obviously, this creates huge concerns about privacy, about who might be recording what we say or do at any time.  While the glasses aren’t exactly inconspicuous, they pose plenty of problems.  
Some folks don’t take kindly to this sort of private surveillance/voyeurism, and have worked out ways to stop it.  I’m sure there will eventually be lawsuits aimed at prohibiting these sorts of ad hoc resistance movements, but I have to say I appreciate their spirit.  I’m sure I’d feel less sympathetic if I had coughed up $1800+ dollars to buy a pair.
On the positive side of things, I heartily applaud Google’s efforts to protect online communications from unwarranted snooping, whether for alleged ‘national security’ reasons or to mine such communications for marketable data.  Making end-to-end encryption ubiquitous and idiot-proof is a great step forward.  On the flip side, I don’t think any encryption is foolproof.  I’m also inherently suspicious of a company that offers this sort of service, despite the fact that they personally benefit from being able to target advertising through their e-mail service.  
So is Google the anti-Christ or just the coolest thing ever?  


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