Facebook has spawned an interesting phenomenon called “Throwback Thursday”, where users upload old photos to their accounts.  My oh-so-subtle twist on this is now called Throwup Thursday, wherein we discuss current events that make me want to hurl.

My TBT began with this little gem of a story, detailing how a small group of largely unmonitored (or erroneously monitored) individuals and groups hold unrestricted water rights in California.  They aren’t subject to the water conservation demands the rest of the state is, and they are in fact allowed unrestricted access to water.  What reporting has recently been required is either not being done, or is being goofed up by the State itself in terms of properly logging data.  I don’t have a problem with water rights, but I have a problem when the State doesn’t even know how much water is being pulled through these rights.  Not very smart!
Next was this article about how tolerant Islam is.  Or more accurately, an article that never once mentions Islam or the religion of the family involved.  While it is true that honor killings or practices like it are not exclusively limited to Islam (and I’m not aware of a Q’uran passage that explicitly promotes this practice), the fact remains that an awful lot of these honor killings take place in Muslim-dominated societies, and prosecution is often lax at best.  Whether Islam formally condones the practice or not, many Muslims believe the practice to be acceptable in certain situations.  
In GOOD NEWS, however, my beloved Sriracha sauce will continue to be available.  This was cast into doubt by neighbors of the plant in a Los Angeles suburb who complained about irritation caused by the processing of chilis to make the sauce.  The company voluntarily improved their filtration systems to try and address this issue, and the city threw out a bid to shut down the plant.  I may now be able to safely return to having only one bottle of the sauce on hand at all times, rather than two.  

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