The Kids Are Not All Right

Last night a young man killed seven people in the area of our town associated with the university.  The young man is suspected of posting an online video complaining of his loneliness and how women ignore or reject him.  For the second time in less than two months this community is rocked with what appears to be pointless violence.  This time not the work of drunken debauchery, but an equal disconnect with reality, an equal inability to think out the repercussions of one’s actions.  An equal willingness to destroy, to lash out. 

There will be plenty  of voices weighing in on this tragedy.  I’m sure that in short order it will be confirmed to be the work of a terribly unhappy young man.  It will be determined that there was nothing that could be done to prevent this.  Blame will be dissipated.  Just another act of random, regrettable violence.  Nothing to be learned here.  
Nothing except that once again, someone who should have much to look forward to decides they have nothing to look forward to, and would rather spend their last moments of vision watching destruction and death before ending their own life.  Another person without any recourse to suffering, no way to contextualize it, no way to see beyond it, no way to bear up under it.  
Our young people are in need.  Need of good news.  Need of hope.  Need of love and friendship.  Need of support.  There is so much to be learned here.  So much reminder of what our communities of faith have to offer, and why we can’t simply give up because people don’t respond the way they used to.  We have good news.  We have got to figure out a better way of sharing it.

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