On the Razor’s Edge

I am a fan of technology and science and the many benefits they provide us.  That being said, I’m also highly skeptical of advances in these arenas and more importantly, how those advances will be put to use.  What is heralded – and perhaps rightly so – as a great scientific achievement full of promise for humanity has all too often been manipulated by those who hold the purse strings to create harm equal to or greater than the benefit originally envisioned.

So I read articles like this with a healthy dose of distrust as well as fascination.  
Without a doubt, discoveries like this might greatly benefit traumatized people, and for that I’m glad.  But I wonder what misuses this ability will be put to.  Memory may be fickle and imprecise, but it is also part of who we are as individuals.  I hate to think of the applications such findings could be put to someday.  
But as near as I can tell, there’s no way to divorce the risks from the benefits of scientific advancement.  So I’ll continue to give thanks for all we’ve learned and the many ways it benefits my life, as I continue to fully expect that our ignorance is deep and unknown.  Many alleged benefits and safe practices today I fully expect to be shown in future years to be deeply harmful.  This is the trade-off.  
And it’s another good reason why my hope is not ultimately in genomic sequencing or any of the other myriad research going on right this second.  My hope must remain in something greater, and it does.
He Is risen!  He Is risen indeed!  Hallelujah!

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