It’s Still Easter

And it will remain the liturgical season of Easter for another three weeks.

Another three weeks to talk about the meaning of the resurrection for you and I still today.  Talking with other pastors, we will sometimes admit that this can get tiresome.  We feel like we’re preaching the exact same sermon week after week.  
We are.  Hopefully in different words and nuances, but the same sermon every Sunday.  We cannot separate our faith from the resurrection.  We cannot be content to preach morally or ethically.  Morals and ethics transcend the Christian faith, woven as they are into the fabric of creation.  We must preach the resurrection.  Over and over and over again, until just maybe, we are confronted by the sheer audacity of it all.  Where we struggle to make sense of the bizarre notion that the eternal Son of God became one of us, and allowed himself to suffer and die for us.  And that He was raised from the dead as proof to us of the truth of these things, and that this truth has stood for 2000 years.  
We must be confronted with the sheer shock of this message over and over and over again, or else it slips into the background and eventually out of mind all together.
It is still Easter, and by the grace of God it will be Easter for the rest of eternity.  

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