Still Missing

Nearly 300 school girls, that is.  Kidnapped at gunpoint by Islamic extremists in Nigeria three weeks ago.  Some fifty of them are estimated to have escaped since then, leaving roughly 220 still missing.  But even that is an uncertain figure due to imprecise attendance records kept by the school.  

Reporting on the situation is troublesome, as it continues to bring up the specter of Islam as a major  motivating factor in the kidnappings, and news outlets don’t like calling a spade a spade.  The proper response in covering this is not to skimp on the religious angle, but to investigate it and report it fully.  
This bothers some people, afraid that focusing on the religious aspects of an issue is somehow detrimental to the religion.  Nonsense.  Thorough investigation and reporting is far better than carelessly throwing around scant references to “Islam”.  What kind of Islam?  What branch?  Under what teachers?  How does this faction relate to Islam as a whole?
By the way, the same techniques would be quite helpful in dealing with Christians as well.  Not all Muslims are the same.  Not all Christians are the same.  A lot more specificity, not vagueness, would help everyone be better informed and avoid backlash against a particular faith.  

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