How Convenient!

A new study claims to have finally disproved completely that climate change in the last 100 years could be natural, rather than man-made.  

The study results line up in a more precise range of estimates given by another study conducted by the International Panel on Climate Change (although I think that this is actually the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).  It’s interesting to note that the actual level of climate change reported, .09% since 1880, does not line up with either of the study projections.  I presume that this is because we haven’t doubled the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, though we’re closing in on that number.  However not everyone agrees with these measurements.  It isn’t as though people haven’t been talking about this stuff for a while, though.  Here’s an interesting graph (  that compiles – without judgment or filtering – data from ten different climate studies in the past 15 years or so.  
What I find humorous, and what ultimately makes the results of this study questionable, is the obvious bias expressed by the researcher against “climate-change deniers”.  Not people who question the causes of climate change, but deniers.  Why would this study change deniers’ minds?  What this study might do is cause people who are willing to admit that climate change is occurring to question their ideas about the reasons for the climate change.  Instead, the researcher gloats that this is a hammer-blow to deniers.  Curious.  

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