A World of Mysteries

It’s sometimes amazing to think, in this age of hyperconnectivity, that there can be any more new mysteries to be had.  With GPS built into our underwear, Bluetooth in our coffee, and Lord only knows how many various entities collecting the details of our thoughts, purchases, and bowel movements, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could get away with anything for very long.

Especially if it involves hijacking a commercial airliner out of the sky.  It’s ironic but in the first 24 hours or so of the disappearance, I concluded that there was a good chance that the plane had been hijacked rather than crashed.  I presumed that a debris field would be spotted pretty quickly based on trajectory data, and if they hadn’t found it yet, then maybe there wasn’t a debris field at all.  
Of course this is based on a pathetic underestimate of the size of our planet and how a jungle or forest might conceal a massive plane crash even from the air.  
A hijacking creates a problem in the form of how to silence all of the communications and tracking devices involved, from the plane itself to passenger carry-on and checked luggage.  Is it possible to silence so many devices?  I suppose if you’re so far out of the way that there’s no coverage, that would solve a big part of the problem.
I sympathize for the families of those travelers.  Whether they are dead in a crash or now hostages or dead by other means is a mind-numbing loss.  But until we know what happened, it reminds me that this world is full of so many mysteries.  There is the capacity for so much we don’t know and can’t explain, so much that defies our carefully constructed reality where everything is neat and tidy and explainable.  It reminds me that a healthy sense of awe is important.  A healthy sense that things can and do happen without explanation – and not all of them terrible by a long shot.  
It’s a world big enough for awe, and for a healthy dose of fear.  A world big enough for God to be moving in it constantly, in the midst of joy and tragedy, waiting for the moment when a heart is opened, a mind is opened, and fear and awe can find a source and home that also gives peace.

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