Awkward Family Reunions

I’m sure we’ve all had one or two awkward family reunion moments over the years, but this one has got to take the cake.  Remember the girl who sued her parents to cover her living expenses, private high school tuition, and to give her the college money that had been set aside for her?  

Yeah, that didn’t go so well. So in a change of plans, or perhaps just because she clearly wasn’t going to have money handed to her any time soon, she’s moved back home.  Her lawyer, who if I remember correctly is the father of one of her good friends, is worried about undue pressure that might be brought to bear on her by her parents to drop the lawsuit.  
Maybe he should instead be worried about her school’s lawyers, who might take seriously the young girl’s alleged intentions to emancipate herself from her parents’ control – but not their checkbook. While I can easily envision a not-too-distant future where the State supports youth in rebelling against their parents by promising all sorts of free aid, etc., I’m glad that it isn’t today.  

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