Wet Bar Wednesday – Technology

Mixing drinks is a social thing.  It is inherently better and more fun with other people.  That being said, it’s as much fun (or more fun, in my opinion) to be mixing the drinks than it is to be consuming them.  

That being said, there are always those looking to push the envelope, who prefer the scientific side of mixing drinks over the artistic side.  Those folks might enjoy some of this research and development.  Or, if this is a bit to sanitary looking, you could try a setup like this.  
While these are novel innovations, they aren’t likely to make a big impact in the home bartender scene (nor are they intended to, frankly).  Mixing drinks at home is about socializing.  It’s about being eager to introduce a friend to your latest discovery (or concoction).  It’s about allowing people to peruse your liquor collection, waiting to see what catches their eye, what triggers a memory or a story, or what prompts an adventurous departure from the same-old-same-old.  
Of course, I feel the same way about refrigerators, yet everyone is certain that the kitchens of the (near) future will be filled with smart appliances that can create shopping lists and text me reminders of what to get at the store.  Are we really that lazy?  What is this freeing me up to do – work longer hours?
All the more reason then to have a drink and enjoy!

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