Meanwhile, on Facebook…

…you can now configure your gender in far more ways than the traditional two that biology would lead us to expect.

Users of Facebook can choose from 50 different terms to describe their gender, and also opt for three different pronouns (him, her, them) to use.  
I find it fascinating that, as though to legitimize this feature, the article quotes a spokeswoman for an alternative sexuality/lifestyle community in San Jose.  She indicates that their community has been lobbying for this action for a long time.  No mention is made of how many people are involved with this particular lifestyle community that is so prominently featured.  The impression is that a lot of people have been working towards getting this change.  I just wonder what the hard numbers are.
Ultimately, it doesn’t matter.  Out of Facebook’s billion+ users, I’m sure this change is relevant only to a tiny, tiny percentage of people.  But it hurts to watch these sorts of changes happening primarily because of the impact it will have on those too young to recognize how their perceptions of reality and normality are being manipulated by a small, vocal group of activists. 

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