Movies to See

A couple of movies have caught my eye.  I have no idea if either one will be as good as their hype and possibility suggest, but we shall see.  

Hee hee, get it?  
The first is the more obvious of the two – the blockbuster styled Noah.  Set for release in late March, this film features, quite literally, an all-star cast and a powerful special effects emphasis.  Christians are already squealing about a movie that they hope will draw interest back to the Bible.  I think those hopes are grossly misplaced, and my hope is that the movie (which must of necessity largely consist of non-Biblical material) won’t misread and mislead too far afield.  
The second movie just debuted at Sundance and is entitled I Origins.  The review that got my attention says it may be a really good movie.  Then again, it may not.
Both of these films are of interest to me obviously because they grapple with issues of faith.  In very different ways.  My hands down all-time greatest recommendation for a faith-oriented film is the intensely disturbing is Robert Duvall’s The Apostle.  Not the greatest of movies per se, but one of the most honest depictions of the idea of simul iustus et peccator – at the same time sinner and saint – that I have ever seen.  
What movies stir or challenge your faith?  

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