Did You Know?

A couple of quick, random facts for this last Tuesday of 2013:

A belated thank you to J.P. for sending this article my way many weeks ago.  You may not know that an increasing number of countries are providing a third option for gender designation in newborns.  Babies born with mixed gender chromosomes or genitalia can now be designated as gender X on their passports in Germany, Australia and New Zealand, and in Germany the gender designation on the birth certificate can be left blank.  No word on how many individuals actually are born with this condition, or what the difference between chromosomal mixed gender and babies actually born with mixed genitalia.  There is an emotional plea for the furtherance of this sort of option, and I have no doubt that there are some individuals who deal with this that are truly traumatized.  Though there are no statistics on how many that might be in this article.  What it seems like is a further move towards parents being required (though allowed for the time being) to leave gender as something to be decided later, ostensibly by the child.   Curious.
And did you know that the race to implement unmanned aircraft (drones) in the United States is off and running full steam?  Do you remember any great debate about whether or not this is a good idea, or something we as citizens might want?  Me neither.  But the FAA has just designated six locations around the United States to begin actively testing drone deployment.  Because whether or not we want this, we certainly want it to be safe.  Because what could possibly go wrong once the government has deemed it safe?

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