Representation Without Taxation

I posted a month ago about how a judge has begun the process of eliminating the much-coveted tax benefits that clergy receive in America by ruling such exemptions illegal.  What will follow will be some impressive number of appeals and other attempts to derail or fast-track the elimination of these benefits.  It could be years before the matter is settled, but I have absolutely no doubt that it will not be settled until the exemptions are eliminated.

And I don’t necessarily have a problem with that.  I benefit from these exemptions greatly.  My congregation benefits, and so does every other legitimate clergy member and their congregations in our nation, regardless of creed.  There are undoubtedly abuses, and that is lamentable – as are any abuses and attempts to benefit where one is not entitled.  So while I like the benefits I receive, and while I could muster some arguments to somewhat support the idea that such benefits are a good thing ultimately for our country as a whole, I’m not sure my arguments would be very convincing, even to me.  
That being said, it ought to also be made well-known that if we’re going to be looking to eliminate tax exemptions and other benefits, clergy should not be the only ones affected (and perhaps they should be the last ones affected).  This little article points out (completely unrelated to the clergy taxation issue) that other groups who do intend to make a profit (unlike non-profit religious organizations) are not always taxed.  Groups like the National Football League.  
I don’t think I would have a problem making a compelling argument that for-profit businesses ought to have their tax benefits re-examined before clergy benefits reach the chopping block.  It might well be argued that all such exemptions should be eliminated across the board, and I’d be just fine with that.  But I wouldn’t be fine with losing my exemptions for the type of work I do, knowing that major businesses raking in a lot of money remain exempt.  I’m all for fairness, but I like it to be fair.

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