An Inconvenient Truth?

I am distrustful of the rush to genetically modify more and more of our most basic food sources, assuming that we can perfectly understand all of the potential ramifications over the long term.  There seems so much to know, that recklessly insisting that such procedures cannot be harmful seems the height of dangerous arrogance.  

Yet so solidly is the scientific community apparently in favor of such tactics, that any suggestion that such practices may not be as safe as promised face a lot of scrutiny and nay-saying.  Witness a skirmish on this topic.  
A respected scientific journal has pulled -after outrage in the scientific community – the results of a study conducted by French researchers that suggests that at least one strain of genetically modified corn produces more numerous tumors and earlier mortality in lab rats.  Critics insist that the particular strain of lab rat chosen, and the small numbers of test cases, render the results inconclusive at best.  The authors of the study and report stand by their results.  
Of course a lot more is at risk than just academic credibility.  Genetically modified foods are big business.  Too big to fail?  Hmmm.  I find it interesting that the results are so widely panned, rather than spurring more rigorous scientific curiosity that is so frequently touted.  I guess that might depend on who is providing your research dollars and endowments and grants.  While it’s certainly possible that this study is flawed, some of the more obvious indicators of fraud or prejudice don’t appear to be at hand.  
Only time will tell, of course.  But by then, for more and more people, it will be far too late if the study results are vindicated.

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