It’s Not Me, It’s You

Or maybe it’s me, not you.  I can’t tell what Walmart’s CEO was getting at in his statements defending the decision for Walmart to open at 6:00 PM Thanksgiving evening.  

His defense is that “the market moved”.  What does that mean?  Is he blaming Walmart’s decision on you and I as “the market”?  Somehow knowing that shoppers would rather be out fighting in stores than at home for dinner with family, he reluctantly came to the decision that Walmart needed to open early?
Is the market the calendar, with several fewer shopping days than last year?  Had the calendar not shifted, Walmart employees (and Macy’s, and JC Penney’s, and Target, and Best Buy, and Toys R’ Us, and others, according to this article) wouldn’t have had to open early?
Or is the market those other stores, some of who announced much earlier in the year that they were going to be open on Thanksgiving?  And why don’t you hear an outcry about all of those merchants?  Why only Walmart?
I find it ironic that in an era where the traditional family has been obliterated by divorce, abortion, pornography, and a relentless war on gender and sexuality in general, there is such an outcry over this desecration of family time?  
We generally eat our Thanksgiving meal earlier – more like lunch than dinner (more recuperation time, and the possibility of enjoying leftovers on the same day – WINNING!).  Would such a practice legitimize stores opening on Thanksgiving evening?  Don’t get me wrong – I think stores should be closed on major holidays.  But I also think they should be closed on Sundays as well, yet people are quick to argue that this would be hurtful to people who depend on working on Sundays for income.  What about those folks who depend on the overtime and other perks they get for working on holidays?  Would the argument be as feverish if we were talking about Easter rather than Thanksgiving?
Who is really to blame? 

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