Fun With Science!

Albeit amazing, it is perhaps almost equally amazing that I find myself in agreement with PETA for a change.  I do not in any way support cruelty to animals, but I generally find PETA’s interpretations on this far more wide-ranging than I find reasonable.  

However, we are probably in agreement on cockroaches.  Or more specifically, I agree with their stance that it is unethical to turn cockroaches into remote-control critters for personal enjoyment.    As a Christian, I understand that there is a distinction between humanity and the other species on earth.  However I also understand that our role in this distinction is to act as stewards, to oversee the earth, not to exploit it simply for cheap thrills.  While the science – and the ability to apply the science very inexpensively – is impressive, it seems fundamentally misguided as well.
Speaking of misguided science – why should euthanasia be frightening and a buzz-kill?  As with the rest of our lives, shouldn’t death be one big party, a thrill ride of epic proportions?
Sure it should, says a Lithuanian academic and architect.  
The solution?  A giant roller-coaster that kills you.  Nearly four times as tall as the tallest roller coaster in the world, this coaster accelerates you through a series of loop-de-loops, subjecting you to enough G-forces to drain the blood from your head and the nutrients from your blood, while providing you with a thrill ride until you black out and die.  Theoretically, the ride is powerful enough and long enough to ensure you’re dead when the car comes to a stop.  If not, you’re already unconscious so it doesn’t really matter how they kill you then, does it?

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