Not a Good Sign

Did  you know that you could be considered a terrorist if you attend church regularly?

Apparently according to some armed forces trainers, this is true.  And they are teaching the men and women who serve in your military that this is true.  The Army denies that this is true.  Or they admit that it was true in a very limited, one-time sort of sense because a trainer was using unauthorized materials.  
I had to Google to find out what happened to Nidal Hasan, the Army psychologist who killed 13 of his fellow service personnel at Ft. Hood, Texas.  I can’t remember any major media blitz on the topic.  An apparently obvious terrorist attack by a genuinely radicalized Muslim is hardly mentioned in the papers.  Yet I am being classified as a potential terrorist even though I pray for the men and women in our armed forces every week.  
Not good.  Not good at all.    

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