Television on the Internet

So, hypothetically speaking, if you have a lot of work to get done but are looking for a time-sink that will keep you endless procrastinating, and if you grew up with television in America, this has to be one of the most fascinating sites on the Internet – the The Archive of American Television.  

This site has interviews with writers, producers, directors, and stars of a stunning array of American television shows.  Plug Gilligan’s Island into the search bar, and a page comes up with information regarding the series and links to a dozen different people talking about the show, including some of the stars of the show.  Plug in Gunsmoke and listen to James Arness talking about the show.  Plug in Star Trek and watch Nimoy, Shatner, Koenig, Takei and others (Ricardo Montalban!) talk about the show.  
Truly a great resource if, hypothetically, one is procrastinating or needs to fill some spare hours when sleep is elusive.  

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