Moving Just to Move

The First Lady is mounting an ambitious campaign to convince all Americans of all ages that they need to be drinking more water.  Tap, bottled, sparkling, flat, flavored – doesn’t matter.  But she insists that everyone should be drinking more of it – at least one more glass of it per day.  

Which leads me, and others, to wonder exactly why.  I appreciate The Atlantic’s questions on this very topic.  
There are so many things that we could be mobilizing the people of America around.  Greater kindness to one another.  Better spending habits.  Better savings habits.  Better eating habits.  Better driving habits.  Heaven knows there are lots of things that might merit the First Lady’s attention and emotion.
Drinking water might even be one of them – if it is contextualized and backed by any type of specific evidence that might warrant such an exhortation.  But if there is no data on a specific quantity of water a person needs to consume, how is it that we can determine we aren’t living up to that ideal?  Where is the data on the effects of our under-hydration?  And why pose this simply as a “positive” campaign, rather than talking about the very real health dangers of substituting other liquids (particularly sodas) for water?  
How much money is going to be spent on this campaign?  How will we know that it has been successful?  What will the legacy be of encouraging Americans to drink more water?  
Mrs. Obama is by no means the first First Lady to promote a cause.  But of the many causes that First Ladies have embraced over two hundred plus years, this seems like a contender for the award for most vacuous.  What happened to the emphasis on fitness that Mrs. Obama was promoting a few years ago?  Have we decided that’s impractical?  Just not going to happen?  Are we attempting to set our sights lower?  We’ll never get the kids off the video games and outside to play.  Maybe we should just try to get them to drink a glass of water.  
Boy, that’s a depressing assessment of the American people, if that’s the most you want to try and ask of us.

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