Oh, the Humanists

Our local Humanist Society placed a full page insert in the local newspaper recently, seeking to attract like-minded people.  They have a list of qualities that, if the reader has, might lead them to consider joining the group.  Three that I find interesting and on the verge of contradictory or at least great irony:

  • Do I favor reason and logic over blind faith and irrational belief systems?
  • Do I get turned off by hate speech, irrational prejudices, cruelty, religious bigotry and political hubris?
  • Do I tolerate diverse religious beliefs in other people, but hold firmly to my own convictions?
The part I find particularly humorous is that they park in our parking lot for their meetings.  They meet next door at a senior living facility, which in turn rents access to a good chunk of our parking lot.  Fortunately, our “blind faith and irrational belief systems” are not so outrageous as to blind us to the “reason and logic” of this rental arrangement.

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