Leave ‘Em Wanting More

…or, how to catch someone’s attention by providing an inadequate amount of information.

Two examples of this caught my eye today, both from the same online publication.  
The first story has to do with the exile of long-time church members based on their support of their homosexual activist children.  
It raises all sorts of questions in my mind.  I wonder whether or not the congregational leadership had been in discussion with the family during the legal proceedings, or if they waited for the verdict before deciding that they needed to act.  I’d be curious as to what a “public” repentance looks like in the church leadership’s mind.  I’m curious about why the daughter feels that “unconditional love” requires affirmation of everything a child does.  Would she have considered her mother’s love “unconditional” if her mother refused to encourage her lawsuit, yet demonstrated her love in other ways?  
The second story is just as short and has to do with a pastor’s condemnation of his parishioner’s grooming habits.  My first question is whether the pastor’s directive against hair weaves actually extends to his parishioners, or is actually limited to his leadership staff, as the first paragraph seems to indicate.  Next I’d wonder what the real issue is – is it pretending to be something that you’re not, or is it a matter of modeling financial responsibility?  Both issues are brought up by the pastor and they are confusing.  
And of course I’m very curious about the author’s high-handed tone in the final paragraph.  How is it that she assumes that the pastor is in error simply because he is a man with something to say regarding women?  Is that impossible?  Isn’t the author doing the exact same thing in reverse by her censure of him?  Has she further investigated the situation to ensure that he is only taking issue with female behavior without any words of advice to the men of his congregation?  Curious indeed.  

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