Is There an Unspiritual Life?

I think that, in the interest of clarity and simplicity, Christians should quit talking about the spiritual life.  I ran across this term the other day in a FB advertisement for a webinar.  It struck me how odd that is, that we feel compelled to distinguish something’s usefulness for our spiritual life.  As opposed to any other kind or type or part of life.  As though I have multiple lives, which may or may not be related to one another.  As though the spiritual life is something special and set apart and different from my physical life or my intellectual life or my emotional life.  

I have life, and I have it abundantly.  And there is absolutely no way to section off my spiritual life from any other aspect of my life.  
Or, to be more accurate, I suppose that there is one way, and that way is called death.  If I’m not dead, it isn’t appropriate to speak of a spiritual life separate or apart from any other aspect of myself.  All my life is spiritual.  That’s how I’ve been made.  Fearfully, wonderfully, and fully integrated.
I hereby give y’all permission to remind me of this should I resort to this pointless phrase in the future.  Deal?

4 Responses to “Is There an Unspiritual Life?”

  1. lotharson Says:

    Hello Paul.

    I have never understood how someone can make such a difference between spiritual and non-spiritual parts of one’s life.

    I mean, logically speaking of course, since people can have plenty of ungodly reasons doing this.

    By the way, are you related with the Paul Nelson who defends intelligent design?

    Kind regards from Germany.

    Lothars Sohn – Lothar’s son

  2. Paul Nelson Says:

    Greetings and welcome.  No, I am not related to the Paul Nelson you are probably thinking of, though I believe in intelligent design as indicated by Scripture.  I’ve perused your site a bit, at least as much of it as is in English.  I hope that we’ll be able to have some interesting conversations in the future.  Many kind returns!

  3. Lothar's Sohn Says:

    Hello Paul, thanks for having visited my blog!

    I also hope we’ll have interesting conversations, and you’re most welcome to comment there and offer your criticism.

  4. Paul Nelson Says:

    I’ll hope to read further this week and perhaps we can exchange some thoughts.  I hope you’ll feel welcome to jump into discussions here as well!

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