Just for the Record….

The Obama administration indicated that it is not going to change it’s stance on employer-mandated contraceptive and abortifacient employee insurance coverage.  Although the administration claims that exemptions have been made for non-profit organizations, this is not true.

Although some religious organizations are exempt from providing the stipulated coverages (for now), the vast majority of both non-profit and for-profit businesses must abide by the stipulations.  Non-profits are able to claim a religious objection to providing the abortifacient and contraceptive coverages.  They can object to this coverage to their insurance provider, who must then provide the exact same services for “free”, to avoid the impression that the employer is paying for them.
This is a shell game, of course.  
The objectionable coverages are still mandatory for all employees.  Any employer (other than the very narrow range of exempted religious organizations) that provides insurance coverage to employees must have these objectionable coverages included.  There is not an option to offer insurance without contraceptive/abortifacient coverage.  
As I’ve said before, the ‘concession’ that certain employers can object to paying for this type of coverage for their employees is a ruse.  The coverage is still being provided, and the insurance companies are going to be covering the costs of this ‘free’ coverage through the base premiums across the board – not only for that particular employer but for all employers.  Organizations and individuals who have religious objections to these practices will still be paying for them for other people.  
I’ve talked before about alternatives to insurance.  I’m going to be applying with one next week and see how it goes.  I’ll let you know what I find out.

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